Relevancy – the most relevant word in marcomms

Relevancy leads to greater engagement and equals more sales!

Recently Coca Cola have been selling bottles printed with many different names, whilst not personalised per say, the relevancy has had them flying off the shelves and led to some disappointment  – just ask this guy!


The more relevant the marcomms, the more likely the product will be front-of-mind whenever a sales decision is being made.  There’s nothing new in this technique as its been done face-to-face for years, however only recently has it become possible with printed collateral.

Forget simple personalisation that has largely been confined to sending the same piece of direct mail to certain demographic, or new brochures to existing customers.  Now brands are starting to use the vast amount of data they hold about their customers and prospects to create entirely bespoke communications that use a number of different media channels to create a piece of marketing entirely unique to the individual.

Litho-quality digital printing, powered by sophisticated composition software, enables campaigns to be pushed out to clients or requested on demand and printed in ultra-low runs.

In these examples for our eponymous (and fictitious) holiday company, brochures can be created on the fly depending on whether the travellers are a family or a couple.



Prospects from each group may be dissuaded if images feature predominantly from the other group ie couples travelling don’t necessarily want children around and families travelling don’t necessarily want an adult only resort.  Of course these are only two very simple options, but they could also be tailored to include imagery and copy decided by age, gender and interests.

In this holiday example, now being used by a well known tour operator, the prospect would visit the website leave vital demographic information and make destination choices. The brochure is then composed and printed for that one enquiry and despatched the same day.

Healeys are experienced and equipped to assist marketing teams use the valuable data they already have to reach out better to their prospects and clients.  For more examples, how it works or for information about how relevancy is relevant to your organisation please contact [email protected] or call 01473 461122.

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