The Life Stages of Mail – Sharers

Sharers are adults who live with other adults they are not in a relationship with – budget conscious, highly social and changeable. they are open to brands, but often don’t show up in databases.

Door drops ( particularly if they show wit, intelligence and authenticity) are a great way to reach this group.

Social identity is important to Sharers – 57% agree with the statement – “I often compare what I do with others in my social circle” – mail that reflects their aspirations and self image is appreciated and noticed.

As young adults, Sharers are mobile and don’t show up on many databases – so they rarely receive addressed mail  – but they respond to door drops – 8.2% bought or ordered something due to mail

Almost a third of Sharers say they find it difficult on present income – many will be students or first jobbers – many paying rent/utilities for the first time – the value proposition needs careful communication.

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