Why organisations not using Web2Print could be throwing £££ away

Organisations with multiple buyers and/or multiple locations that don’t use technology to specify and procure their print could be throwing money away!

Most will face similar challenges:

  • Inconsistent and inaccurate brand use.
  • Variations in cost together with the missed aggregation opportunity of using a greater economy of scale.
  • Unknown costs making ROIs impossible to calculate.
  • Unknown or inconsistent sustainability of products.
  • Increased management time when staff are under pressure to do their ‘day job’.
  • Substantial and often unknown external agency fees for creating simple artwork.


Web2Print is the solution to so many problems

A company-specific portal accessed through the Internet where a selection of marketing collateral and stationery items are available for authorised individuals to personalise and/or order will provide a win, win, win situation!

  • Prices are negotiated centrally and set based upon an organisation’s aggregated spend.
  • Only approved buyers can use the system with full hierarchical authorisation processes available.
  • Only centrally approved items are available.
  • Branding and style always meets guidelines as templates are created and signed off centrally.
  • Quality and sustainability is known and always meets an agreed and known standard
  • Updated or new products and imagery is made available at the same time across the whole organisation.
  • One supplier means less management time and easier communication between the user’s portal manager and Healeys.
  • Users create their own artwork so no agency fees and no lost time waiting for a third party to create it.
  • Transparency of spend across the whole organisation.


Healeys for Web2Print

Healeys has been offering Web2Print solutions for many years and have helped change the way that many organisations buy their print and engage with their customers.

These customer-specific sites are used to source all types of printed products including:

  • Personalised or versioned print on demand items.
  • Static print on demand items.
  • Static items held in stock for call off or despatch.
  • Digital asset management library.


For more information about Web2Print and how it can stop your organisation throwing money away and/or to see an online demo please contact [email protected]

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