Resources: Litho vs Digital Printing

The majority of the jobs we print are printed on our Heidelberg Litho presses, but there are some occasions where they are better suited to our digital presses.

Here’s a breakdown of the main benefits of each…

Why Print Litho (Offset)?

  • Suitable for long run high volume as out presses are capable of printing up to 15,000 sheets per hour
  • Can print a large range of paper weights from 0.03mm – 0.6mm thick
  • Produces very high quality printing from very high resolution artwork
  • Can produce graduated tints and solid blocks of colour effectively
  • Ink suitable for overprinting at a later date on a laser printer
  • Suitable for special inks and finishes, such as spot colours (highly vivid, solid colours which can be unachievable out of 4 colour process), fluorescents or metallics
  • Accurate colour reproduction as uses actual Pantone® inks
  • Examples of jobs we would print litho: A5 leaflets, A6 leaflets, Stationery,
  • Brochures (large quantities)


Why Print Digital?

  • Cost effective for short runs due to minimal set up Accurate proof – identical to finished print
  • Very little wastage as we can print the exact number of sheets needed rather than having to run the press to ensure the water and ink balance is correct beforehand
  • Uses less materials than litho printing – water, dyes and solutions and the image is printed directly to the paper without the need for printing plates
  • High quality printing
  • Can print from slightly lower resolution (quality) artwork
  • Suitable for personalised jobs (variable data printing)
  • Can colour match to Pantone® colours (industry standard colours) Every print is identical – due to not having to balance ink and water
  • Examples of jobs we might print digitally: Business cards, Greetings cards, Brochures (small quantities), Banners, Large format posters

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